Sigma On1 RAW and Sigma.


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
I wouldn't disagree. You can imagine the conversation:

"Now, spotty intern, put down your smartphone for a moment and come here. I want you to a search on Google. Current digital camera plus raw - that should come up with loads of names..."


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Dec 31, 2013
I refuse to ever sit through another of Koslowski's rambling, unscripted, time-wasting self-promotional videos. I cannot for the life of me understand why he assumes that people can no longer (or are too stupid to) read text. Text doesn't have an American accent, for one thing, and you can also re-read parts of text without having to shuffle through a gratingly annoying video.

The last couple of On1 upgrades have been expensive and contain ever more "features" (such as those interminable training videos) that are rarely going to be of use to anyone, the updates mainly concerned fixing bugs and slow, erratic behaviour and fiddling with the GUI.

Pre-ordering this vague package is simply gambling, and it's pure guesswork as to how well it will tackle - if at all - both Sigma Merrill and Quattro and Fuji X-Trans files.

Adobe still hasn't supported the later Sigma cameras and still hasn't bothered to properly correct their flawed X-Trans processing, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a self-absorbed company like On1 to do any better.

As for purchase - the fact that you "own On1 10 outright" but have to be a "member of On1 Pro" to do so with an annual subscription of $149 differs from actually being subscribed software in ways I simply do not understand. It seems you pay for the software and then subscribe to keep it working.

This company is rapidly taking on a mantle of being sneaky, and I stopped buying at V8.

The On1 RAW announcement page looks like something a '60's hippie would come up with during a bad trip and tells you almost nothing, with weird, out-of-focus text floating around in typically colour-pumped On1 over-processed landscape photos, and as I said originally, I refuse to sit through another of those promotional videos to see this alleged software in action where a simple PDF would suffice.


Dec 3, 2011
chicago burbs
ON1 Photo10 has raw support for X3F files. I loaded the trial version and I'm unimpressed with its processing power. It takes a while for the copy to be created for editing and (the edit process is faster than Sigma Photo Pro) the results were not pleasing (images all had a green cast to them). Perhaps ON1 Raw will offer better performance. The Sigma software is free, does a good job and using batch processing makes it a better alternative.

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