One colour: Green


Jan 2, 2011
Flickr could be your friend christilou ... a free account offers room for 200 images


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I now realize that I have missed 99% of the images in here. :mad:

pdh, your first is no longer showing. Christina - that ivy is quite etherial. I like the way you've chosen to portray it with the color toning and the vignetting. Antonio, this could be a performer from the Green Man Group, but I have a feeling he is a dancer. You are wonderful about taking your camera out to cultural events! Bill that is an amazing tree! But almost as amazing is that you stitched it from 28 images?!!!! You must have the patience of a saint and be a real expert at that stuff! I'm impressed!


Jul 14, 2010
Was this taken outside in your current weather or is it in a botanical garden in a greenhouse? The color is glorious!
Where I live, such plants grow only in a greenhouse of botanical gardens. Unfortunately I did not look at the description. The color is wonderful, but one has to set the correct white balance in Lightroom to see it, because this is a very difficult situation for the automatic white balance.
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