One hour in Carlisle.


supernatural anesthetist
Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
Im a big fan of street photography but i'm nervous about actually doing it. This year i'm going to get over it ! You have to start somewhere and the small village I live in isn't it.
So today I told myself "One hour in Carlisle" . I started off with a couple of shots without people, ease myself in gently before actually pointing my camera at living breathing people, and trying not to fall into the trap of snapping peoples backs. I mean anyone can do that,
right ? I've been wanting to get to grips with street for ever, I hope this might get me away from photographing my poor old dogs, they must be sick of me looking at them through a lens. Reckon 20k pictures of them is more than enough.
Anyway back to the street. So today, armed with a Ricoh GR and a little encouragement and link from Olivier Duong, off i went. Shot raw, processed in LR. A couple using Don Springer's Streetshooter presets.

Hope you like them. Me ? I think it was a good start.

untitled-100310 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100315 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100308 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100314 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100309 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100290 by sucofni, on Flickr

untitled-100298 by sucofni, on Flickr

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Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
You're still getting some backs, but I like the feel of 'em and I like the one of the couple reading the paper, or looking at a map or whatever. I find that the more crowded a place I'm in, the easier it is to get in close. Because everyone is pretty much in each other's personal space anyway, and a camera doesn't make that much difference and very few people even notice if you're semi-discrete. Whereas when there aren't that many people around, just the act of getting close is somewhat aggressive and then shooting a photo can really get people's backs up. I personally like really busy street fairs, markets, and busy downtown areas like New York and Philadelphia. Actually, damn near anywhere on Manhattan is busy enough most of the time...



supernatural anesthetist
Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
Thank you. Ray I hear what you are saying about busy and personal space. Although Carlisle is a city it's not a seething metropolis, so
most of the time, around me, there is enough room to swing at lease 4 cats tied nose to tail. There will be more crowds when the weather
gets better. Wet and windy today, so quite. The next busy places would mean a 200 or 160 mile round trip.
Thinking about it , it might be worthwhile.
I'll still be doing shots without people, I like 3 & 5 too.
As for backs. Next time my rules will be 3 hours and no backs. One hour is not enough. (it's all I had today though)

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