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William Lewis

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Hayward WI
William Lewis
Was out and about today. Took a bit over a hundred exposures with my new to me M 240.

No real surprise to me that I still don't have it down right.

OTOH, there is a moment or two here and there, like this one. Ferns, dandelions and trillium in the rain. The epitomy of northern Wisconsin in the spring.

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Not a great image honestly, yet it's something I like just because. So we keep clicking and appreciating the occasional win.
It pays to keep the rangefinder window very clean - remove all smudges. The same goes for the viewfinder glass and eye piece. Microfiber cloth helps.

It's also a good idea to focus the lens from below (hence the appreciation for focus tabs in the Leica world) to avoid obstructing the rangefinder patch.

Even though most people prefer the newer RF arrangements, I have to say that the one in the M 240 and M 262 are really well done - not as big as the ones in the M10 line, but very usable nonetheless. I run into less problems with the M 262 (horizontal alignment seams to be more stable than on the M10 - but that may just be me or my cameras).

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