Only on Ebay?


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Okay. I've seen a lot of bizarre stuff sell for lots of money on Ebay.

But why would any honest person pay $250 for a $200 gift card?

$200 Amazon Gift Card!! Free Express Mail Ship! 5 star seller!! | eBay

And it goes on and on.

$550 for a $500 card!

eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

This one is a bargain.

$5 Amazon Gift Card ~ BUY IT NOW! | eBay

What am I missing? Is this a money laundering scheme for pirated Paypal accounts?

Any reason why someone would pay more than face value for a gift card?


well it does seem odd, but ... a few months ago, I resigned from work and my colleagues gave me a gift card from a bookshop (not Amazon) - the bookshop charges retail prices; Had I been given an Amazon gift card, I could have bought twice as many books, as Amazon discount so heavily. As they also discount almost everything else heavily, you could get "more for your money" even paying over the face value for a gift card?
Just a thought ...


Brian said:
Why wouldn't you just buy a Gift Card from Amazon?
well quite - there's the hole in the plan ...

the most likely explanation is of course that "there's one born every minute" ...


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They do this for people say, in Australia, who like to get things that they normally couldn't. It used to be that we couldn't get anything from Amazon, now it's just books and dvd's, things like that.

I have a US iTunes account so I can get Netflix here on my apple TV, I had to buy a an iTunes card on ebay to join up as they don't accept Australian ones for US accounts. So there is a reason for it.


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Glad I asked!

At first glance- the money laundering for stolen Paypal accounts seemed reasonable.

That is a big (20%) premium, you think Amazon would offer International gift cards from their own site.