Panasonic Oooooops...... LX5 Screen !!!


Sep 23, 2010
Liverpool / UK
Just to warn members....

Had reason to remove the GGS screen protector from my LX5... only to find that the adhesive on the GGS is stronger than the fitted screen adhesive... :eek:

This being the case, the GGS pulled the original LX5 screen right off the back of the camera... however the original screen adhesive gasket became distorted in the process, but I was able to fit another GGS in its place (although it is thinner than the original screen) as it fits in the back recess well :redface:



Top Veteran
Sep 26, 2010
Oh no!

I just smashed my own GGS screen on my GF1. The GF1 screen has a small scratch, but is otherwise okay. ::phew::


Jul 14, 2010
I prefer the clear touch screen protectors from Box Wave
Easy to apply and remove
They area also Anti Glare
Most scratching occurs because Panasonic LCD screens are NOT recessed as in Olympus models

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