Opinions on selling my K5? (or DSLR's in general)


Hi everyone, I'm currently strongly considering selling the K5 and all my Pentax kit and would just like a little input because I know others on these forums have also sold their K5's (or dslr), I'd love to hear why you sold your K5 (or dslr) if you were one of those who sold theres, or maybe just general for and against arguments which I may have missed below, so far my thoughts are:

The main reasons for are large size/weight and strangely, it just doesn't feel right anymore (can't really explain why, it feels a bit of a burden? could just be my boredom though lol). I this is related to my "Help! ''Off-photography period' :-( " thread where everyone helped me come up with the idea of having a camera on my person always to help me take more photos lol.

Another reason for selling, potential for back/front focusing lenses is higher compared to contrast detect, though I've been lucky and had perfect copies so far (touch wood). I also wanted the 16-50mm DA* to make a good weather resistant combo for winter snow and rain, but the focus motor is notorious for failing I guess had it been ok I'd have put up with the above and got another camera for my everywhere set up lol

Against: The biggest reason has to be the big financial loss on the K5 body, I'd lose 50% of what I paid for it (ouch!), due to heavy discounts and Xmas build up cash back promo in the UK. And finally i lose the great ergonomics, weather resistant body, and user interface when I can be bothered to carry it lol.


I may sell my E5. Not yet, though. I plan to take it out again soon and shoots the woods I like to walk just to be sure. I'm selling other stuff though. X100 and Zeiss Ikon currently listed, and my Sigma DP cameras are gone. Getting down to the core and it feels good.


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Been on the same boat for a while. Although the K5 is small compared to other mid-level SLR's, it's still heftier and larger than all my other cameras. So it stays home more often than not, which is a shame for a camera with great IQ. I keep thinking about selling it. But then, I can't just in case I want to be able to take good photos at ISO 6400, or even 12800!

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Personally Vince, I can't do it......the images are too good and all the other benefits still hold true......weathersealing.....long glass.....high ISO. Small cams are wonderful....but sometimes I just need a real camera.



Thanks guys, I agree with what you've both said, its such a hard decision for me.

I don't really need the $$$ to fund anything, I guess its mainly guilt that it doesn't get as much use as it should. I keep thinking I should either:

1. sell the Pentax stuff and invest in a smaller and lighter system, which I would therefore (hopefully!) use more


2. 'man up' (lol) and put up with the weight, and invest in some glass l(DA14 or DA15, FA31, and FA43 or DA*55 or FA77). I guess the main thing putting me off investing in the Pentax system is that the 16-50mm has SDM issues otherwise it would be a perfect WR set up with great IQ for all conditions.

I have looked up the A77 and 16-50mm for a WR set up... but Sony primes just can't compare... I guess you can't have it all ;-) (Please micro four thirds, give me a WR body and WR fast zooms/primes!)


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After trying Micro 4/3, I sold off my Pentax kit and has never regretted my decision!

(But of course I didn't own a K-5, just a humble K-x which I bought because it was superior to the K-7 in terms of image quality.)


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Vince, I didn't post here because I don't have the K5. I have used a friends for a good while and I wouldn't sell it. It's got it's place. I did events with it, street, actually a lot of street and never missed a shot. If your not pressed for money, keep it.
I don't think it's really that much bigger than the GH2 is it? Certainly is a better camera, especially in any kind of bad weather and the AF speed...well...

Think carefully.... It's as good as it gets and then some.
I keep jumping in and out of your boat, Vince. I really like my K-5 but hardly ever use it. Then when I do, I enjoy it, heaps. I think what happens (for me) is that I look at all this expensive camera gear and then I start feeling guilty... its a lot of money to have tied up in gear when I ought to be considering a new fridge and washing machine, and having the house painted indoors... plus other home maintenance stuff that I am unable to do, myself.

Then, I use the camera and change my mind all over again.

I think its going to have to be what my old Minolta SRT 303 became... the camera that I used only when I had a specific purpose for it. Lately there havent been any, but, for example, I am not going to be going out and shooting the night sky with any of my compacts. They just wont do the job.

In the end, you have to decide what you are photographing and why, and then work out what you have that you need, to do that. If the K-5 doesnt fit into your plans or intentions, then sell it. If you aren't certain, or you think you might still want it in the future... don't sell. Its a gorgeous bit of kit.


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I'm the same as Pavel. Had the K20D and the K-r - even got one of the Pentax holy trinity - the FA31. But have moved on with not a single regret. Not the once. Nothing that Pentax offers comes close to the smile I get from playing with compacts....the little beauties don't pretend to be anything, just as the people behind them ;)
I have the K-5, and still love it, not least for its high ISO, and its weather-sealing. My K-7, on the other hand is for sale, even though it is almost brand new, got the same weather-sealing, but not the high ISO. Best thing about them both is their quiet shutters! FA lenses work splendidly with NEX!


Thanks for all the input here :) True the K5 does have its place, I guess because I don't need the money from the K5 I'llkeep it whilst I get either a used Pentax Q (lol I actually found one already!) or GRD (III seems a good value buy atm!) and then see how much use the K5 really gets . This'll also let me see if the high ISO of the compacts gives me good enough IQ.

I guess an option would be to get the LX5 back, which I've loaned to my mum, but it isn't really my cup of tea, sharpness, colour and 'look of noise' from it isn't to my liking if that makes sense

I've also been meaning to


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if you're not using it, then you've lost 100% of it's value Vince, not just 50%
Ha, yes the basics of real world economics, it's the assumption that if something cost X it must be worth X that has messed up the world's economies.
The value is - What it's worth to you to keep (As pdh says, nothing if you're not going to use it) Vs what is realising the asset worth to you if you don't keep it.


Christilou, I thought the same thing so I sold the FA31 I had and bought a DA21 and Sigma 30mm... strangely enough the DA21 got the least use though it was the smallest so I sold it.The sigma is nearly always on my camera. BUT although its on my camera, the whole set up doesn't get close to the amount of use that the FA31 + K5 did, and I've had the Sigma 2-3 times longer than I had the FA31.

I guess this shows I like the 30-ish focal length. And I prefer the lighter weight and size of the FA31 vs the larger sigma lol Kinda makes me think I should get the FA31 again...

Sue - if 23mm (35mm equiv) is your fav focal length, pentax has the DA21 which is pretty small, has great colour and good sharpness. It might be a good option for you, though you could argue its pointless as it's slower than the Fuji's lens, and won't make a WR combo with the K5... The lack of small WR primes IMO, is something pentax should address, it'll give them a unique selling point... imagine a small and light WR limited line up... lol

P.H and pdh, very true and wise. I picked up the K5 and it felt sooo good, to the extent I sat pointlessly at my desk taking pointless snaps of my room, desk and bed for 45mins lol. I really need to give it another chance out and about, so I'm eyeing up a good camera bag.