News Oppo phone with 10x optical zoom camera, with 2x digital zoom (so 20x total), will launch Spring of 2019


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Managing Director for OPPO Australia Michael Tran said that "with 10x lossless zoom, our mission was to develop a camera technology that would bring customers closer and let them capture content in a way that no other smartphone manufacturer has to date. We believe we’ve achieved that."

"The main camera features a 48MP sensor, though it shoots 12MP photos normally. You have to go into Pro mode to get the full resolution.

The “10x lossless zoom” claims from the ratio of the 16mm ultra-wide angle camera and the 160mm telephoto camera (both in 35mm equivalent). The ultra-wide has an 8MP sensor and 120° field of view. The telephoto camera has a 12MP sensor. Both it and the 48MP main camera also feature optical image stabilization.

Images via PC World via Oppo...

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Guess my money from the GRIII might rather be spent here... :) Realizing that I'm more the telephoto guy - picking out details rather than photographing the whole scene...