Organizing batteries in your bag

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
That addresses a concern I had with this approach (how do you know which batteries are empty if you switched from the highest numbered one back to #1 in the field).

I'm not sure if I'll remember to make a (mental) note of the in-camera battery number each time I go out, but other than that this approach sounds quite feasible. I'm going to give it a try.
You don't have to make a note each time you go out - it's only when you first CHANGE a battery that you need to make a mental note (of which one or ones will need charging) and since you're taking one out and replacing it with the next number up, it should be easy enough to remember your starting point. I used this method when my main camera was the RX1, where I'd occasionally go through two batteries and start on a third during a heavy day of shooting. Now I'm mainly shooting with a DSLR and I've yet to have to change a battery while out shooting with it. I wouldn't cosider this a reason to switch, but it's a very nice thing not to have to think about. I just carry my one and only spare if I'm going out for a full day (for just an hour or two I don't worry about it) on the possibility that I may eventually go through one, but I can't imagine it happening...

As for this being a first world problem, just exactly which problem/issue/question we EVER discuss on a camera forum like this is NOT a first world problem??? :confused:



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May 17, 2013
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T3 & T4 are in the X-T1 body and battery grip. #4 is in the X-E2, and #3 is on the charger. i'm anal about keeping each set to their assigned bodies and going through them in order. and if a battery goes bad, it's easy to trace.

Kin Lau

Oct 23, 2012
My FZ200, FZ1000 and GH2 all take the same battery. So I use the battery covers on the fresh batteries, and leave spent ones without a cover.

My Canon 7D and GH3 have such huge batteries that it's quite hard to drain it in just one day until I'm taking video continuously, so just one extra battery is all I need.

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