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When I moved into my condo, I had the closet designed & built and I'm generally happy with it. However using the shelves to store lenses, accessories, etc. proved to be a frustrating exercise. I order to find something, one needs to empty the shelf to see what's in the back and out of sight. The drawers are better, but still the stuff slides around and at least the lenses if stored vertically can fall over, etc. Laying them horizontally they occupy more space horizontally and the depth of the drawer is wasted.

I pondered on various solutions and finally decided that a nesting box inside the drawer but above the contents, would almost double the available space and lining the drawer & insert with some cushioning material would protect the lenses and prevent them from rolling around and perhaps getting damaged. I found some bamboo boxes which would fit inside the drawers and suspend above the contents with a bit of ingenuity. Living in a condo I was forced to get rid of all my tools and my garage where I did all kinds of projects, so I had to do it with minimum tools and in my living room LOL!

Anyway, some molding trim, household glue, string, ruler and a hacksaw I was able to modify the box to nest in the drawer at the proper depth. Since this worked fairly well, I've ordered a second box and I think I might have a good solution to store and access at least some of my gear. The lenses nest nicely in the 1" thick foam and don't roll around when the drawer is opened and shut.


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