Fuji Other 35mm film shooters here?


I dusted off my original owner Minolta XG-1 in 2015 and started shooting 35mm film again.
Retired the XG1 to the shelf and current shooters are a Nikon FE2 & F3/T along with a Yashica Electro 365 GSN rangefinder.

What 35mm film cameras are you shooting?


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Ehhhh sorta.

A friend back in Boston got me to pick up a used Minolta or two (one of them the XG-1), and start shooting film again. I grew up using an X-370 in the 90s as a high school student with a graphic arts darkroom lab. And while in Boston, I shot probably 20-30 rolls of 35mm again. Then I got a permanent loaner Yashica 6x6 from my sister/brother in law, and began shooting some rolls through that too.

Almost a year ago I moved out here to a small town in Oregon, and there's no lab. So I've been VERY slowly going through my remaining film stock, and stashing them in the fridge for a shipment.


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Used to shoot a Canonet, a GW690 (briefly, not really a 35), and a Nikon F2

My last film camera was a Minolta SRT 102 which I sold off a couple of months ago along with my plethora of Rokkor lenses. After gathering dust from some years, I decided to adapt my Minolta lenses when I used to shoot a Sony camera due to the lack lens options at the time, but they started to gather dust again when I migrated to Fuji. I sold the lot off to fund the 16mm 1.4 I currently use. I'm sure someone other there is putting them to good use.

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I still use my Canon T90 on occasion. I also have a Mamiya 645 kit I'm just learning to use. I still love the look of film.

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Larry the T90 was one hell of a camera, sadly I PXed mine to get auto-focus in the shape of an EOS 600!

I still have my Canon A2 and several lenses, I just prefer the T90. I still pull my old Fujica ST705 out and use it on occasion. I have a bunch of old, film cameras.


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A few from a recent roll of Portra 400 through my Olympus 35RC:




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