Out, then.


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Just woke up to find sun. I think I'll be out the door soon, and that my editing of the Rajasthan pics is done. I'll do some more when it's dark enough, but it will be a rerun . It's time for them to leave the nest. In the words of the Mister, "Ich habe fertig".

So here's the last face of the set: meet Mickey. This little guy was on duty in the Karni Mata temple in Deshnok, the so-called temple of the rats.


Mickey, I suppose. di alfrjw, su Flickr

All the rest is slowly uploading here.

Now, breakfast and out in the sun.


betwixt and between
Alf, you are my favorite travel photographer - whether you are traveling in India or in Italy. A wonderful microcosmic view.

As for all your other photographs, I'm planning a long sit down with a glass of good wine or a hot chocolate to enjoy the rest of your last trip's memories.