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So.. I'm here via way of Serious Compacts and I do not have an X camera. (Insert surreptitious glance to see if the club bouncers appear) I am that little girl with her nose pressed to the glass of the camera store window wanting to play with the toys the other kids have been getting. On the off chance that I do have luck for once, and I will not hold my breath on this, I am posting because Amin's banner ad (On S.C point here!) where a pretty little thread says join X and open one thread and you might just win an X20. Psstt.. It was my birthday this last week. HINT. Anyway.. as I am doing this I am wondering, because actually I have grown to enjoy looking at all the X related threads on S.C., is anyone else here on the outside, looking in like me? For me, when I briefly had the X10, it was the orb issue that made me give it up because I needed to depend on it on a once in a lifetime vacation. I will say though I did get rather spoiled by receiving a beauty of a Yashica Mat 635 TLR with 35mm adapter kit for my B-day that I am all excited about. Anywho-- If I am not the only one here without a Fuji X camera.. let me know and tell me.. why are you hovering here? Are you looking to buy, gain advice to buy or are you like me hanging on to the ankles of your friends that seem to have migrated elsewhere? =)


Best of luck, and welcome Iso!

There's a thread that's opened along the lines of "Anyone else here who doesn't have and X-Camera?" or such, I think there's more than a few folks ...

I wouldn't worry about the bouncers, from what I can tell they only raise eyebrows when people forget camaraderie and civility. :)


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Hehe thanks Carl. There just aren't keywords for looking something like this up but since the forum is new I will do a little forum by forum hunt in that case.

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