Overexposed - The Queen's Wayfarers #1 - now published!


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Well, that's an interesting question... Here's my own current "casting":

Richard Armitage - Guy Miller
Emily Watson - Jane Miller
Gary Oldman - Roger Bowman
Jean Reno - Leon Camus
Jack Davenport - Andre Lucas
Emily Blunt - Beth Shepherd
Tom Hardy - Duncan Hood

I'd be very interested in the views of others as they read the book!!

Without going into the kind of unnecessary details which might spoil the 'read' for anyone, I will simply say that there are a handful of moments in this novel where if you are a photographer....you just have to grin.

And (confession follows) I am a writer myself - but also a fan of, among other things, James Bond's freewheeling antics - Agatha Christie's often devilishly complex plotting - and Chief Inspector Barnaby's low-key, often humorous ingenuity going up against an array of twisted villains - and now I am adding Bill's Guy Miller to my list.

It's worth a read if you haven't yet read it. And (another confession follows) it's taken me 3 years since the novel's original publication to finally get around to buying and reading it and ... IT WAS (AND IS) WORTH IT ... AND I'M SORRY I WAITED SO LONG.

Props to Bill for many things - and most of all for finishing a fine story and presenting the world with a cracking good read.


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The good news is Book 2 is finished... It is much longer than Book 1, with more plot, more action, more adventure, more everything...

This time it's Russia.

This time it's personal.

I'm planning to publish in a few weeks. It's in proofreading at the moment. It will go on pre-order on Amazon in a week or three. Here's a glimpse of the cover art:

...and of a key location...

Stay tuned.


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One of the (many) things which makes me want to read this sequel to Bill's excellent first book....is my (admittedly quirky) desire to know what kind of camera Guy Miller, Bill's savvy photographer protagonist, will be using in Book 2.

In Book 1, Guy Miller's knowledge of certain technical aspects of modern digital cameras - including his X-Pro - played a crucial (and clever) part in helping him outwit one of his devilishly unpleasant antagonists. Since a few years have now elapsed, I can't help wondering whether Guy Miller may now be using a different (newer and more improved) X-Pro - and whether or not it (his current camera) will either get him into or out of more jams?

I'm staying tuned, Bill.


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Weird, I couldn't find it when searching Amazon.com (US) but found it on Amazon.co.uk (UK) which, because it is a Kindle title, redirected me back to Amazon.com. 😖 So if anybody else is having a problem finding it, here's the direct link...

edit: release date looks to be June 22 :) "Sharp Focus: The Queen's Wayfarers Book 2 will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle on June 22, 2020."

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