Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic 14mm 2.5 Image Thread

Ooo, Don, I had missed this thread until just now!! Seeing this 14mm at work is enough to make me start thinking I was an idiot for selling my mu43 camera. That backlit one of your son shows how this lens (and you, of course) handle a tough lighting situation. Did you have to do anything to the picture afterwards or was it all good metering? Very impressive. Love the dog's portrait, especially.

I can't wait to see more!!
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Michael, we're talking early morning with both of these I think but not today's morning - given last night's snowfall.;) Beautiful - both of them. There's something about your second that makes me feel as though I'm really looking at a dinosaur, of sorts. Love all the details from the signs to the antenna and everything in between with that intense blue sky.

Would you mind letting us know which camera(s) you were using and I'd be interested to know what your ISO was on these, as well.
Thanks BB

For both images the camera used was a GF1 with the 14mm f2.5 pancake lens.
The first was 1/640, f7.1, iso160

The second was 30sec, f6.3, iso100 Tripod

Hope this helps you.
Yeah, Michael, incredible shot - I'm not even sure what some of those closer trails are from...

Also broke down and got the lens (I blame Don). These are posted on M43.com also.

I've always loved this focal length/field of view, and its nice to have it in a tiny little walkaround prime that's also pretty fast for indoor shooting. The first one somewhat takes advantage of the faster aperture, the others don't. The first is also about the warmth of the fire and hearth - left over holiday glow. The other three are more about the harder realities of winter after the holidays have ended and we endure until spring...


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