Micro 4/3 Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Vs 14mm f/2.5 IQ ?


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Allright...BB...I'm aroused.:D

Andy, it's true, it's true. I have both lenses.
I figured the 14 mates nice with the 20. So I sold the 17.

Anyway, the 14 is a really good lens. I never compare a lens against another but just against itself. I find the lens sharp enough that there's no disappointment. There is slight softening on the extreme edges but not bad. My Elmarit shows similar habits.
The lens is very compact. Really small and the AF is very fast even in low light.
The GF1 never hunts for focus lock with this lens.
It is quiet to the point that without the green focus confirmation you can't tell it's even focusing. All in all... Well truth be told, it hasn't been off the camera since I put it on.

Andy, how's this.... If I had to choose between the 14 & the 20.... For a lens that would serve me best, I'd choose the 14. The lens Angel blessed me and I can keep both...

BB, thanks for the arousal ....
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I have been looking on the net and the 14mm does indeed look a fantastic lens. Add a 20mm at some point and the AF side of things is sorted!

Thanks for the reply, most appreciated. :2thumbs: