Panasonic FZ1000 Vs. ILCs With Superzoom Lenses

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you should be able to figure it out...
Yeah, I also think waist level is at LEAST as steady for still shots, even (maybe especially) at the longer end of the lens. But I agree with Luke that for tracking action or panning, where you have to be moving the camera, sometimes over more than a small range, waist-level wouldn't work well and then you'd be better off with a viewfinder. I'm not sure how a camera like this is going to do with action tracking to begin with, but panning should certainly be ok...


Kin Lau

I've tried to use both waist level and EVF on my FZ1000 400mm equiv, FZ200 600mm equiv, GH2 and GH3 with 100-300. All of these cameras have EVFs and articulating screens.

Using your belly as an anchor point doesn't really work, your belly gets in the way, the screen gets pushed out of position, and shutter release is awkward.

Cradling the camera is about the only workable position, but it's not near as steady at the long end as using the EVF. Aiming a 600mm equiv lens is not easy with the screen at waist height either.
When I use the LCD screen tilt up method, I have never used such a long focal length. I tend to hold it away from my body, so that no part of the camera touches me, however, I use my arms to tension creating a triangle between the support of strap around my neck and the two points where my hands hold the camera.. U have to figure out how much tension to use, everyone is different, too much will induce shaking. For long tele, I prefer traditional three point using the evf and one hand cradling the tele lens.



I think the FZ1000 is one of the best cameras at its price point.

Put the word APPLE on it and it would sell like fire crackers


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Here too. I suspect they only had one or two of each. And they disappeared very quickly. Last time they had the FZ refurbed was 2 months ago. As for being from Panasonic itself, I dont know where else from, because the company concerned is not a camera company, so they arent getting them from tradeins or anything. Dunno. I'd just be happy to land one of each for the same price as either of them brand new.

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