Panasonic Panasonic G2 review up at dpreview


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Panasonic G2 review up at dpreview

Panasonic DMC-G2 Review

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I've read the review and am still undecided about whether I should update from my G1. The video doesn't interest me, but the touch screen could be useful and the controls seem better organized. However, they don't seem to have done much for image quality. Have any other G1 owners bought the G2 and are they satisfied?
Something that might be of interest is that G1 kits (while they still around) are now very cheap and (depending what country you are in) have cashback deals.
As the review indicates you wouldn't be missing out on image quality.
If you don't want video and you're not desperate for touchscreen the G1 would be fine. Its still an excellent camera.
Not only would you not be missing out on image quality, at least with RAW, with a G1 body you might be getting slightly better images with a "bargin" G1 kit compated to a G2 kit. The review indicates that the new kit lens, the 14-42, does not deliver quite the image quality of the earlier 14-45 that's generally bundled with the G1.