Micro 4/3 Panasonic GF1 + Olympus 45mm compatibility


Nov 5, 2010
W. Australia
With a view to my buying this lens, may I please ask if anyone uses or has in the past used this combination? If so, are there any problems, especially with regard to any internal correction which an Olympus body probably makes and which mine will not and need I worry about image quality being affected?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hall of Famer
Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
The only difference between Panasonic and Olympus bodies when it comes to lens correction is that Panasonic bodies will correct for CA (in jpeg and raw) on Panasonic lenses. Depending on your post-processing workflow (if you post-process) you can do the same thing anyway in software like Lightroom. Some Micro 43/ lenses are worse than others for CA, but aside from displaying a little at larger apertures, I don't think that the Oly 45mm has a big problem in this regard.

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