Micro 4/3 Panasonic GF3 leaked photos!


Looks to be real ...




Wonder if consumers will evolve smaller hands in time?
There might be a bigger market target for this than you think.
A lot of your everyday user wants the best IQ but doesn't want something that cannot be carried on a jeans pocket (pros looking for a second camera or "street photographers" too). I'm not a pro but I don't consider my self your average user either...I've been shooting with different cameras for about 8 years (dslr, regular compacts, advanced compacts, micro 4/3, nex, etc) and I find the idea of a pocket sized micro 4/3 camera awesome (the G3s and GH2s are there for those who disagree). To be honest I think that eventually will see something like the Olympus ZX-1 with a micro 4/3 sensor...and I have to say I would be the first to buy it...very compact, fast zoom lens, with the benefits of a larger sensor...who wouldn't want that??


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I love my GF1. I wouldn't trade it for that, not even for an even swap.