Birds Panasonic LF1 Sparrow



This little bird didn't scamper off quickly as most do when they're approached, so I managed to get within 12-15 feet and get off a few shots. The noise is already apparent in this crop of the original, taken at ISO 80. Noise was mostly due to conditions - bad weather - heavy overcast and flat lighting.

f5.9, 1/15 sec. handheld, ISO 80.

Cracking shot, nicely processed.

I did a lot of bird photography with my GH-2 and 100-300. Got good results. I've sold all my m43rds kit except that body and lens in case the muse takes me again.

The EVF works, although it's not fun to use a lot because of the size. Still, a great feature, and really unique for a camera this size.

Yeah... I get that. I've been considering a superzoom compact for ages, and have finally come down to this or the TZ60... that for its 20x and this for the 1/1.7 sensor. I'm mizzling so wont get either in the end.