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a few recent LX7 shots

A few recent shots from my LX7...

The first, taken outside my old farmhouse, on a late summer day just before a thunderstorm, shows the LX7's intrinsic abilities with color. Very little processing was done to this -

July sky by La Chachalaca Fotografía, on Flickr

This next shot, taken inside a local pizzeria, with the lens wide-open, shows why it's nice to have that fast fast fast Leica designed f/1.4 lens - but even better it shows off the ridiculously cool macro capabilities of the lens -

Cheese Shaker by La Chachalaca Fotografía, on Flickr

And finally, if anyone's wondering how the LX7 does in the monochrome department, this was taken outside the same pizzeria -

Telephone Pole by La Chachalaca Fotografía, on Flickr

I really like this camera.


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A black and white version of a previously posted colour image in another thread on the site.


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An early morning scene at Kingsbridge bus station with the Stagecoach service number 3 for Dartmouth due to depart at 07:45 arriving in Dartmouth at 08:51 and the Tally Ho service number 606 for Salcombe due to depart at 07:55 arriving in Salcombe at 08:18, both being the first buses of the day for those destinations.



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With our run of wet and windy weather continuing my reawakened interest in photography is currently confined to reprocessing old images with hopefully a greater understanding of RawTherapee. I decided to also reawaken this thread with an image from early September 2019 which has to be reproduced in colour rather than my often preferred monochrome.


Silo, Bowden Farm, early morning


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