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Before denigrating the ‘user’ attachment perhaps you could explore/experiment a little more. Have you tried the various settings in “Photo Style” (which can be selected only in “No Filter mode and not iA)? Have you played with the various Filters?

I found when I started using the camera I often activated iA unintentionally. iA puts the camera into strict snapshot mode, thereby limiting many other functions which enhance pictures. To correct this go to the wrench-C menu, go to p. 8/9, select iA, then select “Press and hold”. Then the iA button needs pressed for about 3 seconds to implement it or stop it.

Thanks - the IA button was already on this setting. :thumbsup:

BTW, I wasn't so much denigrating the 'user' attachment, as complimenting gary0139's shots, by means of a little self-deprecating humour - but thanks anyway, for the words of encouragement! :D


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