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Completed Panasonic LX5

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Oren Grad

New Member
Here's a Panasonic LX5 that I'm no longer using. It has a small coating blemish on the front element, which does not affect pictures. The camera is otherwise clean cosmetically and fine functionally. The LCD has been protected with a plastic film since day 1. Fewer than 1600 shutter actuations.

Price is $200, which will include the camera, original box and accessories, one extra Panasonic-brand battery, plus shipping within the continental US.

Although I've mostly been lurking here, I've been a regular on the Large Format Photography Forum for more than 10 years, and have also bought/sold on APUG and GetDPI.

PS: The handstrap shown is an Olympus strap that I added later. I can include that at no extra charge if you'd like to use it; otherwise I'll keep it. Either way, the camera will come with the original Panasonic strap.


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