Leica Panasonic S5 mark II


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As a S5 owner, I'm very keen on the S5 II. The improvements seem to shore up the issues of the S5:
  • larger grip
  • unlimited video recording, where the S5 was capped at 30 minutes for 4k 10bit
  • 10bit 420 150mbps codec for slow motion recording, way more robust for video editing than the S5's 8bit 420 25mbps
  • faster burst rate for photos
  • full size HDMI port for connecting to an external monitor or recorder; the S5 has a micro HDMI which is quite fragile
  • PDAF which looks like it really works
  • continuous AF when using adapted Canon EF glass and the Sigma MC21, a function the S5 didn't have
  • better AF for images
While image quality looks the same, the sum of these improvements make this a much more usable camera for working hybrid shooters.

Another interesting note is that the S5 II's processor is branded L Squared, which is a joint effort between Leica and Panasonic. This processor is likely to be in the upcoming L Squared collaboration camera.


Yeah, a used S1r tempts me too, but the size and weight of the thing is a real turn off.
Yes the size and weight is considerable more than the S5, but I have big hands and was once used to carry a Nikon D750 with Tamon 15-30, Tamron 24-70 and Tamron 150-600...
As long as I am under this weight I am ok with it :D (I think, maybe the GAS is speaking thorugh me :LOL:)
And the 47 MP Sensor, the gorgeous Viewfinder and the low price makes it a nearly irresistable temptation and the desire is there but at the moment I keep fighting, because I love my S5 so much.


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Back in the day, I carried a Canon 5D Mk II everywhere along with the 24-105 and 35L. This was okay, but I greatly preferred smaller and lighter cameras, which is what drew me to this group when it was known as Serious Compacts in 2010 or so. The S1 and S1R are even heavier than the 5D II, albeit they feel better in the hand due to very ergonomic design. They are like an oversized Panasonic G9, which I love to use. But the weight is what keeps me away, apart from the cost of the camera and those darn expensive CF Express cards. I feel like I left the 5D II for that reason, and going to something the same size and even heavier for personal carry would be silly.