Panasonic Panasonic TZ100 w/ 1" sensor


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May 7, 2011
Yes, I read Leica Q uses Panasonic batteries. Standardization is good. However when I checked the TZ batteries, they were same as gx7, which are bigger then the gm1/5 series... I have both batteries, but gm1/gm5 is the camera to combine with TZ series, not the gx7... At least the third party charger works for both.

Panasonic told me that they are going to use the micro USB port as a std on future cameras and the same will apply to the batteries. There will be fewer batteries so more cameras with the same battery...YAY!

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
Oh, another little tidbit that will make John Flores and me very happy: a youtube hands on video confirmed that it will have a standard micro usb port, rather than a panasonic proprietary one! Lens does look massive, but other than that, I am very excited about this camera.
Yay! They heard me! Next, Panasonic, please send me a pizza!


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Aug 7, 2011
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Well, the TZ100 apparently uses the BLG10E battery, which is the same power pack used in the GX7 (as Serhan mentioned above). It's also the same battery that's used in... wait for it... the LX100. These two cameras might make the perfect travel/vacation pair. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! :dance3:

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