Micro 4/3 Panasonic's Future Strategy


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Sounds good to me.

now we will make faster lenses and more compact pancakes


We will define more clearly what GH and GX means this year, so consumers have a better idea of what their characteristics are.

Good news. P&S upgraders are covered, but we need a couple more high end bodies to please enthusiasts and pros (for me: a somewhat taller GX1 with integrated top left EVF, and a better (=accurate) LCD screen).


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As Leica.. partnered Fuji in the early years of digital photography.... and the XP-1 is soooooo Leica'esque..... do you think Leica might take up where it left off.... and re-badge Fuji XP-1 model as a 'run-in' to a new market...:biggrin:

Especially with Panasonics announcement that it is sticking with the GX M4/3 format and just improving on its lenses... Food for thought....... :rolleyes:

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