Micro 4/3 Panasonic's GH2 with 16mp and full HD


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Noisy Camera has the basics on their page: Panasonic GH2 is now officially announced with 16mp and full-HD - 1001 Noisy Cameras and they provide links if you'd like to read more about this camera at several different sites such as dpreview and at engadget.

However, the nicest read I've had so far is written by David on his blog: Soundimageplus. He seems pretty excited about this camera, too.
Its finally been announced. The GH2 has arrived.

...So thats today taken care of, finding the UK dealer that will take my pre-order.
Just click on the link I provided to read more about why he's ready to pre-order.:D


Thanks for sharing BB, having just seen this and sold my m4/3rds stuff a few weeks back I am kind of regretting it. It seems the markets really heating up with all the new, even more powerful DSLR's being released.


GH2 is fast

I read that Panasonic claim the GH2's AF speed is down to .1 second which beats a lot of DSLR phase detect systems - and not just entry level examples. Hopefully Olympus can get their PEN AF into the same ballpark with their "pro" camera (which I hope means WR-sealed like the E-series) so that a mirrorless,compact,quiet system for active outdoors photographers will finally be realised.