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Fuji Panning and zooms with OIS ( 50-140 )

On a tripod I always turn OIS off. My question is in fast action panning like the racing photos I recently posted , would you leave OIS on or turn it off? I intend to do some things differently on this next shoot. Raise my ISO to 6400 and my SS slightly. I still want the background blur but the subject could pop a bit more I think. I'm thinking leave it on as shutter speeds will still be low, say 1/100-125 with the 50-140 on a fast panning shot at night.The subject will still be moving around within the frame at that speed.
Edit: after researching this on the web the answer is about as clear as mud. Anyone with real life experience?
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For me, it depends on the distance to subject and lens focal length. Sometimes, I'm just not steady enough to get a good AF square on the subject, so using OIS is great, especially if you have a lens that has a "panning" OIS mode. Not sure if the Fuji 50-140 does. Not familiar enough with that lens to know....but my new Tamron 70-200 in f-mount does as does the Nikon 300/4E PF. They work great as the stabilzers don't try and fight you while panning. They only care about the jittery and up/down movements and allow you to shift side to side freely.


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Jun 20, 2012
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I do this a lot with the cheaper 50-230 and kiteboarders / bikers. I notice a lag when I start panning, as the OIS offsets some of my initial sideways motion. But then I'm fine, and it helps the vertical jitters. Thus, I just make sure I start panning on them sooner than I otherwise might, get them steady in the center, and then I'm ok.
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The 100-400 detects horizontal panning and switches to vertical only stabilization. The 50-140 does not specifically have that auto detection feature. Since there is no vertical versus horizontal IS setting available in the camera you are likely going to see some horizontal image shifting when panning the 50-140 with OIS on. I normally turned OIS off with the 50-140 but that was more a factor of the shutter speeds in use being high enough to get along without it.
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