Completed Pansonic LX7 (black) + EVF | Location: USA | Ships: US/Canada

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Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
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Selling</br> Pansonic LX7 (black) + EVF
</br>Prices</br> $300
</br>Location</br> USA
</br>Ships to</br> US/Canada
</br>Description</br> This is an LX7 with the EVF that works with the LX7 and the GX1. Both are in excellent shape. I love this camera but haven't shot with it since the Nikon "A" showed up on my doorstep, so better for it to go to someone who will use it. You can sometimes find the camera for $300 or a bit less, so I'm essentially selling the camera for what I paid and throwing in the EVF, which generally goes for $150 or more new. Both are in basically new condition. There's an LCD protector on the rear screen. One extra (off-brand) battery.

The one thing that I can't find at the moment is the original lens cap, with the little lock-ring it works with. I replaced both with the spring-loaded lens cap shown in the photos as soon as I got the camera. I thought the lens cap and lock-ring would be in the box, but they're not (although the little cord that attaches the cap to the camera is in there, unopened). I"m guessing they're around here somewhere and may turn up, but for now assume they're NOT included. I VASTLY prefer using the camera with the spring-loaded cap, but if the original cap matters to you, it's not there...

Otherwise, A+ condition.
LX7 for sale-2.jpg
LX7 for sale-4.jpg
LX7 for sale-6.jpg

</br>Payment accepted</br>
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Shipping method</br> UPS
</br>Shipping charge</br> included to CONUS - buyer pays any extra
</br>Handling time</br> 1-2 days
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