Pany G3 vs. Nikon V1 "shootout"


Nice video, thanks for sharing Armando. Just as they say, two dif cameras for dif purposes. I guess if it were me I'd have the G3 for the lens selection and touch shutter - perfect for street. If it were my brother, he likes taking photos of race cars so he'd love the V1's 60fps.

Any plans to get the V1 Armando? looks like your GH2 is gone now? :S


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Houston, Texas
Touch shutter on the Pany's is not as good as the EP3, which has a capacitative screen like the iPhones. On the Pany's, you have to apply pressure, which causes camera shake sometimes.

I gave my GH2 to my dad. He was using my EP2 before, but the AF on that thing is so slow.

I'm going back and forth between getting a V1 vs a X10. I am hesitant about the V1, because it's yet another system, with tons more of lenses to get! Hehe. At least the X10 is an one time investment. The 60fps on the V1 is very nice. The EVF is nice too. But the X10 just feels nice in the hand. It's a point and shoot made for photography lovers.