Pareidolia (Faces in Things)

Not really pareidolia "made by nature", but this time "made by man/woman".

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John King

Member of SOFA
Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
John ...
That's me ATM, Matt. I've got a bleed in my left eye (Warfarin ... ) :( .
Happens relatively regularly, folks. The ophthalmologist told me that a capillary is getting damaged (quite normal in everyone's eyes), and the Warfarin causes it to continue bleeding until the back pressure causes it to stop. I've been taking Warfarin for 19 years, and will be taking it for the rest of my life (artificial mitral valve, plus atrial fibrillation).

Sometimes quite spectacular, sometimes hurts like hell. No correlation between the two.

In the 1500s, I would have been burned at the stake for having the 'evil eye'! Apparently, about 40% of the world's population still believe this superstitious nonsense. See Wikipedia article here:

Thanks for your sympathy.