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I got that email from PD calling out Amazon. Funnily, I want aware of the Amazon version until I read the email. PD probably inadvertently just advertised the Amazon version to a lot of people who will now buy it to save money.

I haven’t even noticed I got the email :)

I have too many PD bags, today I carried two to work (a 20L backpack with a 6L sling inside to take out e.g. on lunch time).... For me they do offer a great overall solution, but I feel always a bit short on the actual delivery on details like pockets and so. However, it looks like it won’t be Amazon to fix this for me :)

PD “ Amazon, ya basic.” Email:
“ Designing incredible products is hard work. It takes years to dial in the materials, the features, the details.

It costs a lot to use the most sustainable fabrics available, and to ensure fair pay and safe working conditions for our factory workers. And paying to measure, reduce, and offset our entire carbon footprint? Talk about leaving money on the table!

When we found out Amazon copied the design (and name) of our Everyday Sling and started selling it as their own, we had a bit of a moment. But we got the grumpies out of our system real fast.

Our goal is to make the best things. If we tried to make the cheapest things, we wouldn't be us. Amazon reminded us of that.

Thanks for the pep talk, Amazon. And thanks to our customers for supporting what we do. Onward and upward.”
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That's the same trick SpecSavers have made their fortune on.
There are innovative, artisan designers of spectacle frames who make glasses that look good, fit well, are comfortable and robust. Small companies making low volumes and paying European workers fairly.
And then there's SpecSavers.

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