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Anyone using one of these for their Fuji kit? I'm considering the 10L version. I'm worried it looks bulky, but I like the look of the dividers and the tripod straps.

Max kit I would be looking to take is either:

X-T1 (probably gripped) with 16/1.4 mounted. Samyang12/2, Fuji 35/1.4 and Fuji 50-230 plus Cokin P sized filters and holder.

X-T1 (probably gripped) with 16/1.4 mounted. Fuji 35/1.4 and Fuji 50-230 plus Godox V685 flash and roguebender soft box.

If I don't go for this one then I think I'd fall back to getting another Domke: F2, F6 or F3x (I think F5XB would be too small).
I had one for a couple of months. It is a great, well thought out bag. But ultimately I did not love it. For a sling bag, I love the Think Tank Turnstyle 10 for a small sling. Camera with lens attached and a second lens. Plus extra batteries, etc. For carrying more gear I love the Incase DSLR sling. Camera with lens attached, 2-3 more lenses. Or 2 lenses and second body. Plus batteries and everything needed for an event, travel, etc. The Incase also has straps for a tripod.
I never liked actually working/shooting out of it. Tje bag I use are better layed out for how I work. And it wasn't as comfortable to wear as other slings. Another big thing for my personal preference is that the peak design does not have a clasp on the strap for quick release to take off the sling. That's a much easier way to take the sling off, especially with a tripod attached.


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I bought the Everyday Sling in the end - got an open box one at a pretty good price. I reversed the strap first, to get the slide attachment to the front when having the strap on my right shoulder. So far, I am pleased with it.


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So, I have been using the Everyday Sling 10l for about 3 months now, so time to report back on how I find it.

Gear wise, I can fit the X-T1 with 16/1.4 or 56/1.2 in the main central compartment on top of a Godox TT350F flash in its pouch. That leaves the two end compartments - one holds the 50-230 with hood reversed. The other side will take the 35/1.4 on its side with a lens pouch on top (as a divider) with either the 16/1.4 or 56/1.2 on top with hood in shooting position.

The tablet compartment will take a bunch of P-sized filters, an SRB elite holder and the adapter rings needs for the lenses.

That leaves the front pouch free for other stuff (phone etc.) and a tripod slung from the straps underneath.

Working out of it is fairly comfortable and I find it easy to change lenses. I normally wear the sling on my LHS with the camera on a Slide Lite on my RHS - this leaves the main compartment in the sling free for dropping lenses in and out.

The one thing I have found where it is not working for me is when out cycling - I can't get it tight enough to not move around in those circumstances, and have reverted to the Kata 3n1-20 for that (which is the ultimate camera pack for cycling that I have found).
So I decided to give the 5L sling a try with my now smaller kit. So far it is working great. Carrying the X-T2 with either the 23 or 50 f2 attached, a slide lite strap, then the divider folded down on top of that with the other lens going above the strap.


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The 5L would definitely be too small for me, but I am rocking the 10L. I tried it with my tripod and geared head earlier and that works pretty well - except that the head ends up bteing in front and to the left of me - which means I have to be careful about what it is hitting and/or getting snagged in. I could reverse the tripod to have it feet first but this would make it awkward to attach/detach from the bag.


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I have the 5L and use it with my Sony A7ii and two primes. Usually the 28 and 55, or sometimes the 28 and 85 if I plan on more portrait work. I can also fit in my little Godox TT350 flash as needed.

Love the compact, low-profile and sleek design. I use it on my back when more active, since it's out of the way and can be locked down. I also carry it like a messenger bag when out for a stroll, or need quicker access to lens/flash.

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