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Bart J D

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I hope this is the right place to post this kind of question.
I receive email notifications about new posts in watched threads. As requested.

I was wondering about the lay-out though.
There is always a big grey box and then the new post.
Is that by design or is there an issue somewhere?
I'll try to illustrate with two screenshots.


second part:


No big deal of course.
Just wondering.


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The big grey box is an image placeholder but if isn't loading then it likely means that the email client is reserving the space for an image but can't load it.

I'll add it to my list to things to checkout; either I'll need to add "" to the list of domains that can 'hot link' the images to load them remotely or I may need check about whether the emails can switched to not try to load the images remotely.

Thanks for letting me know, it's something I didn't come across when doing testing. :)

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