Sony Pentax and Sony: There is no Justice


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I just noticed the B&H entry for the Pentax 40 mm XS pancake for the K01:
Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 XS Lens 22137 B&H Photo Video

$250 and the size of a slice of salami. I'm very impressed with the images I've seen taken with it. Of course, the APS-C body is a brick. The NEX bodies are svelte but the lenses are big enough to make Freud insecure. Why, oh why?

NEX lenses need a bigger offset since the body isn't a brick. Simple...
(wishful thinking aside of course :p)


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I am holding some hope that Ricoh/Pentax is secretly developing a fine MILC. I don't see much future in the brand if they don't.

I'd personnally hope they make something different from what all others are doing, such as FF body that has a mount that is compatible with lenses such as m mount.

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