Pentax K-01 Joins the Mirrorless System Camera Fray


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
:rofl: well done Boid - too funny!

Also, I didn't consider the potential risk of bee swarming/mating on your camera if you own the yellow body. Dang, I was so looking forward to using the yellow on my fashion runway photo shoots.


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Hilarious Boid! Now can we transpose your dialogue on top of the Hitler videos in You Tube that seems to be used for just about everything?

Tilman Paulin

Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
oh dear. what a camera...
Was looking forward to this, but... the first thing that strikes me is the incredibly cheap looking design. Especially the top plate and the rear of the camera. Most kids toy cameras look better... But then, what do I know of art and design... :/
And the second thing: no fold-out-screen, touch-screen or any other user interface advantages over their existing cameras. Live view will probably be better, but then it should be (having no viewfinder).

The remaining advantage is lower manufacturing costs and hopefully retail price(?) thanks to fewer moving mechanical bits. I wish they had saved the money for their designer too... ;)


New Member
Feb 2, 2012
GXR-K and all will be well in Pentax/Ricoh land. Remember they're the same company now.

the K-01 is just part of the plan.

Smart of Pentax/Ricoh to recognize how only the unique nature of the K-mount and it's Limited Lenses could be considered at all for a mirrorless camera.

Pentax/Ricoh need to hurry and release the K-Mount GXR module for this camera to make sense. The GXR-K will be the true 'serious' mirrorless K we've all been waiting for, and then with the inevitable price drop, the simplified and welcoming design of the K-01 could flood schools and christmas trees to be the K1000 for the next generation.

that said, Pentax should keep the yellow to Japan and release an all black version available to all other regions. such a simple thing would've gone a long way....


Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
that said, Pentax should keep the yellow to Japan and release an all black version available to all other regions. such a simple thing would've gone a long way....
Thanks for the photo, but I seriously love yellow and want it in UK too :p
Well liking colors and design is too subjective, Retro look is not the only way for new mirrorless. Just like we dont wanna wear business clothing all day of the week. There must be many new photographers, teenagers, young boys and girls who wanna carry this beauty :p without any concern how much it appeal to senior folks!

Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
Very well said Nic .. though, even just removing R will help. R was noisy, heavy and expensive and if Pentax will improve AF even a tiny bit further from K5, I would say it is a success!

Also am happy for Rico+Pentax merger, the kind of simple interface we looking at this moment wouldn't be possible in Pentax systems otherwise!

Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
Also, I only see this system getting more success in future with newer lenses more optimized for contrast detect AF system and the remaining ticks on all the right places, I can only see success for key zero one!


Sep 7, 2010
Western Australia
I agree, I like it too. Its a good thing that a camera company in this instance Ricoh Pentax are considering 'Design' and it really shows with this camera. The ergonomics and tactile surfaces are not what an engineer would have produced. The radii of the rounded edges are larger and look like they would have less resistance to being moved in and out of bags or pockets less chance of scratching. And that thin lens OO... if it performs as well as it looks it will be a winner.


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
All black would definitely help. I'd have to use to know how it is as a photographic tool. As for the looks, my opinion is, of course, the only one that matters from my point of view. :)


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Its a box. There's absolutely nothing about it that's attractive. Even the Q is a better design. Whats with that massive chunky column under the mode dial? Why is the mode dial so damned BIG/TALL? Why use toy-like red and green buttons? Why are the edges not curved away somewhat? Seriously... its just horrible. And there could have been an EVF. But theres nothing. Not even an optional one. EWWWWW!!


Jul 8, 2010
I just don't think it will appeal to the fashion crowd (who would have never have heard of Pentax anyway), and why would a serious amateur choose this over the K-5, since they both take the same lenses. Maybe soccer moms will think it's cute?


Jun 1, 2011
Some things never change; Pentax has had a 'me too' policy for all of the digital period and this is but more of the same,...a 'me too' camera that sadly has none of the advantaages of other makes models. If a camera can be summed up with the phrase 'the worst of all worlds' then the k01 must be a close contender....., ONLY pentax lenses will fit (STILL no 24mm f2 ater TEN YEARS of pentax dslrs!!)

....No possibility for any adaptor use with 'any' lens like NEX

....Big as a brick!

....No viewfinder, or provision for.

....'Styled' but not apparently designed as a photographic tool.

....Unadventurous basic spec,..16 meg when everyone else is already on 24 and thinking 36.

....Weird confused identity,..a fudge made to ape a DSLR.

....Plus, a lens that is so 'off the wall' that no photographer would want it as manual focus appears physically impossible!!


Sep 26, 2011
Minnesota USA
Kyle Krug
Haha, even the yellow one is growing on me a bit and I think I could live with the mostly black version.

I was intrigued with this one to look into K lenses a bit. Very interesting with the size of some of the pancakes, but it seems like the FoVs are a bit weird with Pentax?

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