Pentax Pentax Q Image samples


Hi guys, thought I'd share this link from Pentax Japan:

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What do you all think?

The colours are consistent with their DSLR's kind of realistic and slightly film like.

Low ISO's were used so I guess you can't judge ISO performance

Sharpness seems very good - but we don't know what sharpening, if any, has been used.

Finally its interesting to note that there's some bokeh there. I wonder if this is from the cameras built in (software wise) bokeh filter?

The reason I'm interested in the Q is because I want something small to carry around all the time, and I've pretty much given my LX5 to my mum lol Also leaning towards the GRDIII, but IV might be around the corner


haha armando, I'm really thinking about it. I'm missing too many photos from not having my K5 'in my pocket' ;-) I guess I want something pocketable and with a viewfinder ideally. I've been giving the GRDIII a lot of thought, its a good no nonsense interface camera and combined with the small OVF it looks like a great, take everywhere camera - and also very tough with its magnesium alloy body.

Downside is not much opportunity for bokeh :'( so mayb the e-pm1 or gf2/3 is really the way for me to go hmmm.... one of them and 14mm Panny could be on me all the time... then the 7-14, 14-140mm, 25mm, 45mm and a top-end body too?

...mayb I should start yet another help me with my gear thread lol.... but GAS attacks guarenteed :(


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Crikey! I may have to concede to being completely wrong about the potential of the Q. Looking at the full sized shots, its streets ahead of the average camera with a 1/2.33 sensor.


Mark - I know! tough GAS times for DSLR photogs. The only downside for NEX is small range of glass and the lenses are giant. I think I'm going back to m4/3 soon, I know high ISO isn't so good but it'll improve in time. I considered selling my k5 recently and was really bummed to find out that the new price has dropped to £799 in the UK, I paid £1100, so If I sell it'll have too be £600-ish, and I'd lose alot. It seems its true what they say - invest in good glass and it'll hold its value, so good m4/3 glass it is and a used body.

Oh btw surprised you put your FA31 up for sale. Was it to fund the X100?

Sue and Lili - I was quite surprised too, though I think the Q willl have to be competitively priced to attract more buyers. I wonder how they got so much detail out of it, hope it isn't too much sharpening and PP work.
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