Pentax Pentax Q in August?


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According to various rumor sites, Pentax will be introducing at least two new mirrorless interchangeable lens systems this summer. One camera which we previously covered is the Pentax NC-1, which supposedly will use a 1/2.3" (very small) sensor.

Photo Rumors is now reporting that Pentax will also release a camera called the Pentax Q, featuring a 12MP backlit sensor. It is not clear, from the Photo Rumors posting, whether the Q will be the Pentax APS-C mirrorless camera which has been rumored separately (also by Photo Rumors) or something else.

Given that there are currently no backlit APS-C sensors in existence, I am wondering if the Pentax Q and NC1 are one and the same, while the APS-C offering (said to be "based on the K bayonet") is something else entirely.

There are many interesting format moves which seem to be in progress:
  • Pentax recently entered medium format digital, remains active in APS-C DSLR development, and is rumored to be introducing two separate mirrorless systems
  • Sony has a mirrorless APS-C system, is doubling down on SLT cameras, and is rumored to be exiting the 35mm format DSLR space
  • Panasonic has clearly deserted regular 4/3 to focus on Micro 4/3 (both still and video)
  • Olympus' dedication to regular 4/3 is unclear while they are clearly investing in Micro 4/3
  • Samsung has gotten more serious about small sensor cameras (eg TL500/EX1), is going "all in" with APS-C mirrorless, and there has been speculation that they may be entering the digital medium format space
  • Fuji now has a compelling APS-C compact, but there is no indication of their interest in building a system of similar cameras with/without interchangeable lenses
  • There are some rumors about Nikon considering a move into mirrorless, possibly with a smaller-than-4/3 sensor
  • Nothing known or even rumored about Canon's possible role in the mirrorless ecosystem

With commitments in place to digital medium format and also APS-C DSLR, I'd be surprised to see Pentax invest in two separate mirrorless interchangeable lens systems. I don't doubt that they've developed the prototypes, but two separate system announcements this summer? I'll believe it when I see it!


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I'm with you Kyteflyer....being a long time Pentax user, has made me quite the realist. Not an APS-C sized mirrorless - or FF dSLR - in the next 5 years is my prediction.
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