Pentax Q System Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo


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The entire Pentax Q system is now available for pre-order at B&H.

Direct link: Pentax Q system at B&H

B&H doesn't list a camera for pre-order unless they know they will have sufficient stock to fulfill the orders quickly, and they don't charge until they ship.

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Nooooo! Don't tempt me! Nooooooo!

Seriously, I might be more tempted in another six months when user reports are out, and the price has come down a bit. But it is a very intriguing system, for sure.


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This could be a fun little camera for snapshooting or even street photography. Unfortunately, the price is silly. As small as it is, the E-PL3 would be a much better choice. $400 is a much better price.


The 'Amateur Photographer ' this week has had there hands on this camera and show two photos taken on it, this is not a Test so to be honest nothing can be learned from this article except as said it will be rather expensive in my view when first released.
I personally don't understand which section of the public this is aimed at; certainly not the serious amateur I would think, the one thing I do like is that Pentax are realising it with four lenses.
Unlike Sony Nex who have dithered for so long in there range of lenses its enough to put people off altogether.


I have the Q. After it first arrived I briefly tried it, decided I did not want to learn a new camera system, packed it up for return, but there it sat for 2 days. Something was holding me back. I decided to give it another go and I'm sure glad I did! I really like the Q since I've gotten to know it much better. I'll try to gather my thoughts about it soon, but it has been a pleasant surprise. Over the past week, except for brief trials with my new GXR Mount unit, all I've taken along are the Q and my Ricoh GRD3, and frankly, I think in many cases that is all I need or want.

The Q would certainly not be my only camera system, but I love serious compacts and the Q fits right into that mold perfectly. It is small (tiny, really), light, unobtrusive, flexible and just darn fun. The "kit" lens is really good and the toy tele has a pleasing character to it that I like a lot.

It is easy to dismiss the Q, but it is worth a try IMO.


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I saw a white Q today at Jessops (£599 with kit lens :eek:) but it surely is rather seductive and the user interface is quite familiar to me having a K5 already. I don't know why I want one but I do! My daughter, who loves her (my) Olympus E420 was also rather taken with it. It's teeny tiny and soooo cute :)


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No proverbial moss growing under you two, Andrew and retow! Congrats!

Just began a new thread for all you Pentax Q shooters over in here: Pentax Q Forum. This is certainly not to say that you should limit your photographs to that forum or thread...please feel free to double post in the image threads, as well.

Since this is such a brand spanking new camera system, I think it will be very helpful for everyone to see what can be done with this serious compact system.:clapping:


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I received one of these from a pre-order, and I've been using it on and off for a month or so. I like how quickly it turns on, and the size is amazing. My only issue with the camera is that what you seen on the LCD screen looks nothing like the actual image captured. The colors are completely different, as is the contrast and brightness of the scene. I do like the quick dial on front which allows you to somewhat customize your shooting parameters. I haven't had a chance to really play with it, though.