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Muchas gracias, Sue. I'm not that much of an FX user but once in a blue moon they can give you some inspiration at least.
Now what do you make of this? Found it it the user agreement ... just curious.

6. AUDIT. onOne Software shall have the right to inspect and audit your records pertaining to the Software to ensure ongoing compliance with this Agreement. onOne Software or onOne Software's independent certified public accountant shall conduct such inspection and audit at onOne Software's expense. Any inspection and audit will be conducted during regular business hours with reasonable notice and will not unreasonably interfere with your normal business activities. Inspections and audits will not occur more frequently than once a year, however, if past inspections and audits reveal major discrepancies, onOne Software shall have the right at any time to an inspection and audit upon written request. If any inspection and audit reveals any underreported, unpaid or unauthorized use of the Software, then you shall promptly pay to onOne Software the then current fee representing the underreported, unpaid or unauthorized use of the Software. In addition, you will be responsible for the costs and expenses of the inspection and audit if such inspection and audit reveals that the then current fee representing the underreported, unpaid or unauthorized use of the Software is equal to or greater than 5% of the amounts actually paid by you for such Software.

What records do they refer to? Anyone?


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I don't think that OnOne really mind that much. giving freebies away means we may buy other of their products. I bought Perfect Browse 9 as a result of having perfect Effects 8 Premium (which was also free, not that long ago). It works well as yet another alternative to iPhoto/picasa/unbound/XNView.


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I've paid pretty close to top dollar for onOne products over the last few years. A little disconcerting to see them giving away what I paid for...but that's life I suppose.

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