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I took this picture of my son when I was playing around with my then newly acquired Fuji X100. After slight cropping and some post processing I ended up with probably the best picture I have taken of him.

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This is my son as we were about to hike out from our first ever backpack together (along with another dad and son). We'd been gone two nights and he came down with a cold and we had a long hike ahead of us, but he was proud of his accomplishment.


It's hard to pick just one picture (especially with two kids), but he likes this picture a lot and it marked a special occasion, so I'll note this as my favorite in 2011.


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Oh, Andrew - no wonder this is your favorite! What an accomplishment - and one can see your son's pride and happiness so clearly. He's such a cute little guy, too - love those teeth!


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Great idea for a thread and some fantastic images so far!

2011 was the year I jumped into photography. I had an LX3 for a couple years prior, but had not really gotten serious. I picked up some Oly m4/3 gear, a GXR, LR and the Nik plugins this summer ... still have a lot of learning to do and still need to dial in on a particular style or vision (so far, has been a little bit of a shotgun approach).

It was fun to go back and look at my 2011 images. The one that I still like the most was a handheld shot on a snowy night with my E-P3 and 20/1.7. I cropped it down to about 25% of the original size and processed through Nik Silver Efex. It makes me want to go back and grab a better version... maybe a bit higher up in the parking ramp and with my Oly 45mm, so I can crop less.

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We had a similar thread at mu-43, and after struggling to decide I ended up cheating and posting one favourite from each camera I used in earnest throughout the year. Trouble was, there were six different cameras :eek:
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