Philip Lorca DiCorcia


Dunno whether this is the best subforum for this ... here goes:

I hadn't come across this photographer before; I was watching a TV programme about American art tonight where the art critic & historian Andrew Graham-Dixon compared him to Edward Hopper ... his work seems rather interesting ... I am also interested in what what others' opinions are ... some of his stuff can be seen here:

The Collective Shift | Art

... and if you are able to access it, the BBC programme is here:

BBC iPlayer - Art of America: Modern Dreams


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Very nice Paul, thanks. He has a nice color palate and a very tuned eye.
I really like his timing and framing. The content speaks for itself and yet he brings much of himself to the image. He's a poet with a camera.


The fact that some of his work is "posed" and some naturalistic "street" ... but that it's hard to tell, necessarily, which is which ... adds a nice ambiguous unsettling edge ... there's much to look at, and a wonderful sense of space ...