Photo-a-Day blogs?


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Okay, it's finally time to admit failure.

I signed up for a "post a photo a day" blog some weeks or months ago, and now I can't remember which one and haven't been able to find it. Yes, I've searched my mailbox, and no, I hadn't yet bookmarked the site.

I posted one photo. I'd like to post more.

It's a site where you sign up for a blog; I noticed someone on one of the photo sites I read signed up for one. Brown-ish background by default, I don't know if it's changeable.

Sound familiar to anyone?
Sigh, well, I'm frustrated with them already.

Blipfoto has no sense of time zone. About 24 hours ago, I uploaded a photo I took Friday night (before midnight my time), but accidentally uploaded a non-EXIF version. An admin had to approve it, but approved it for posting on the 6th (Saturday).

Then I got a generic note to re-set my date and time. Uh, yeah.

So I tried to upload a photo I took on Saturday, but it won't post because the EXIF says it was taken on the day when my last photo was updated.

I filed a support thing. We'll see.

Update: seems to be just because of the missing EXIF. Next time, not sure what the right thing to do would be.
or you could try aminus3 - I used them for a while and it was all very simple with a little bit of flexibility. The other option is to go to blogger or wordpress and set up your own. Wordpress had some default photoblog themes available. Blogger lets you tweek templates endlessly or write your own code.