Photo Assignments - The Art of Photography, and chocolate!


Tomorrow is the first day of March. I love March. Nights are getting a little lighter, often the weather is drier, crowds haven't yet arrived on the streets of Edinburgh ... I can breathe!

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally stumbled upon The Art of Photography series on YouTube presented, produced and created by the wonderful Ted Forbes. You may have come across him already - he's been around for a while, but for me, well, it's my first meeting. Darn and ain't he got me hooked.

Recently my interest in photography had wained a little bit. Only snapping holidays pics, nothing creative. His enthusiasm for photography hooked me in and his introduction into his new series called Photo Assignments has got me keen and I mean KEEN to get out there to shoot, print and study my own photographs. Now, before I go any further, I've not started yet. I've bought a little sketch book to use as my photo journal but tomorrow, 1st March, is my official start date.

I don't know if you want to join me, but you may want to watch his videos for a look-see. I've created links below (hopefully they work! If not just google him):

Photo assignments - introduction

Photo assignment - introduction

Photo assignment 1 - Variations

Photo assignment 2 - Low angle shooting

Photography using low angles

There are more assignments already posted. I think they come out every Monday but these will give you the gist of what they are all about.

I'm gonna work at this at my own pace, not going to attempt to catch up otherwise it could quickly become a bit of a chore.

Oh, and the chocolate - I'm giving it up for March and donating some money to the British Heart Foundation. It's gonna be tough but I've prepared myself by overdosing on chocolate tonight. So much so, at the moment, I don't want to see another bar of chocolate!!! So, day one is looking positive!

Anyhow, that's what I'm going to be up to this March. Your welcome to join me, or do something different instead!

Happy shooting,


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I plan to watch these over the weekend, sounds like a fun way to challenge myself.

Also, good luck with the chocolate! I bought a big ol' bar yesterday, but gave it away after eating only 3 little chunks... mighty proud of myself now ;-)


I have to say I loved the idea of keeping a photo journal of this year's photo assignments. I've now bought three different journals, a large bottle of rubber cement (as recommended by Ted in his video) and had some of my SiJ 2017 photos printed by Snapfish to start with. I don't know how much I've spent - not much - but it's the best "not much" I've spent in a long time. I'm like a big kid with new toys just now. Huge smile on my face as I've been slapping the glue on the photos and sticking them on the pages of the first journal. I don't know, it might just be a side affect of sniffing the glue, but it is fun. I've ordered photo books before and thrown pics in an off the shelf photo album but they seemed a chore in comparison - this just feels more creative, personal and fun!

I've not actually started the photo assignments in the videos yet. Tourists have arrived early in Edinburgh so I've not felt so inclined to squeeze my way past them during my short lunch break in search of low angle, mid angle, high angle or the colour red for my shots. This weekend, maybe, if the weather is kind but just now I'm content playing with the glue!

Oh, I should confess up, I only got to day 8 without chocolate. A Cadbury's Freddo tripped me up! Tasty though!
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so far, I've just watched a few videos. The guy seems likeable enough that I'll continue on, but I think I'm blowing off that first assignment. I will vicariously enjoy Karen's new glue-sniffing habit and pretend it's also my own and prepare for a first "real" assignment. :tomato2:

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