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Sep 28, 2010
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Welcome to the Serious Compacts photo critique forum. Before posting or commenting please take a moment to read through this post.

The purpose of the photo critique forum is to offer constructive critical comment on submitted images so that we can learn from one another and become better photographers.

There are plenty of good guidelines for a successful photo critique forum so we will not reinvent the wheel by coming up with yet another set. Instead we would like you to keep in mind the following comments from Terry Tallis of the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club.

The purpose of a critique is to help you learn to take better photos. A critique is not meant to be a put-down of your work, but a tool to help you see your photography and develop your own critical eye when it comes to your photography. A critique is (or should be) a thoughtful, reasoned response to a photograph - and it can be positive, as well as pointing out any defects. Critique does not mean criticism. Remember that you are trying to help people improve their skills - not to puff up their egos or destroy their self-confidence.

Do not assume everyone knows as much as you do. On the other hand, do not be put off making a critique just because you are not a technical expert: anyone who can see can form an opinion of an image. While you are free to respond to other people’s critiques, and it is perfectly valid to disagree, you should of course exercise courtesy and restraint in doing so: remember the primary purpose of the forum is to help photographers improve.

The full text of Terry's very helpful article on Critiquing Photographs is well worth reading.

What sets Serious Compacts apart from many other web forums is the positive and respectful attitude of our members and we have no doubt that this attitude will be reflected in the photo critique forum as well. However, if at any point someone feels a comment is unduly negative or unfair please do not use the forum to debate the point. Your first response should be a PM to the Moderator. You may, of course, PM other members directly but, if so, please CC any messages to the Moderator.

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Jul 7, 2010
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:bump: I'm bumping this sticky thread up for some new eyes, and as a refresher to some old ones, too.

We've got a specific forum now called Words/No Words, with a sticky thread in there to explain it.:wink:

Whereas this Photo Critique Forum is a place to post when you really want to either have help and/or get some feedback on your own photographs, as outlined so well by olli, above.

Generally speaking the regular image threads are more for sharing our photographs...of course responses are more than appreciated, but those threads are not for critiquing each other. This isn't to say that someone can't ask for feedback in the image threads, however they are not conducive to ongoing conversations due to their new photographs are always being added.
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