Fuji Photo Ninja - Please help


Jan 24, 2013
Birmingham UK
I have been using Photo Ninja on trial

I have managed to Import a few images into PN more by luck than sound judgement.

Sorry if I appear a tad dim however I need your help.

What is the best method to transfer images from the SD card into PN ? Please advise step by step in a basic way - Thank you.

I currently load the SD card into my Mac Book. The SD card icon appears on the desk top. It is easy to transfer the images into Iridiant and L.R , by just dragging the SD card icon into the Iridiant or LR icons which sit on the "dock" at the bottom of the desktop.

PN will not allow me to do it this way !!!!

Thank you much.



Hall of Famer
Aug 31, 2011
I never open RAWs from an SD card, I always copy them to a hard drive first and open/import them from there with the RAW converter of my choice.

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