Photo of a photographer taking a photo

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A Phreezing Photographer phumbling with phocus.
Someone’s gotta hold your phone while you dance around on your stupid TikTok. God. When did I become old.
Wouldn't know about all that ... At least the guy's taking it seriously. And I don't see why, in obviously good light, he shouldn't be quite successful. I'm certainly not opposed to people using what they have and investing into something they can afford rather than toting stuff they don't know how to use. We get a lot of tourists in our area, some of them wielding quite expensive gear to take horribly badly conceived photos. He's doing the opposite (I assume).

Since he's lugging around the tripod, bulk and weight certainly can't be the reason for not carrying a camera. So, funds, maybe? Anyhow, he's on a way that'll quite probably take him to dedicated cameras sooner rather than later - after all, he's "geared up" already ...