Photo Projects/Plans in 2011?

Laurel, MD
With the new year almost here what are you projects or plans for photography in 2011?

For me I am moving back to the Washington DC area after living in rural PA for the last 15 years.

I plan on doing a big project of street photography in DC in 2011 with fresh rural eyes


Hey WB: for me I have been consumed with a writing blog about my personal life and experiences. Probably abit boring to the outsider. But I do plan to
continue this next year a project I started a few years back. And that is photographing parts of the Arizona desert that is dying and giving way to homes
and businesses. We have lost so much beautiful desert to commercial and homestead interests already. I'm not trying to stop the future from coming, I'm
just recording what was there for our kids to see and know how life once was.

I think is a great thing to list down potential photo projects in the hopes of keeping this art alive in you and me and everyone. Thanks for the topic.
I'm sure even BillN can find something to shoot other than self portraits :smile:

Cheers to you and the people of SC.



betwixt and between
I plan on finally getting some prints made, and organizing my Lightroom into collections. Maybe in reverse order? I also want to take more photographs of our friends, and continue to "expose" my own immediate family, of course.:D


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Down Under
My plans for 2011:

1. Don't buy more cameras.

2. Like AzPete....though I have to get started. I'm thinking I'd like to get a photoblog started and maintain it with, at minimum, a photo entry every week. I started a few photo-a-day challenges on another brand forum - it was a great way to get me out shooting rather than behind the computer drooling at the next bit of kit I need. Yeah the blog might have a readership of one - thanks Mum! - but it will at least hold me to account as I start moving more towards telling stories with my photos and really concentrating on themes with my work. Otherwise I fear another year of "oh look shiny thing, where's my camera...or credit card".

3. Don't buy more cameras.

4. Also been thinking about shooting a potential photobook covering the character and characters of a very small country town 'down the road' from my property. Something like a People and Place thing. The idea being I'll take the photos and my better half can deal with the text and the people....she's got the charm and a face that people don't baulk at if spoken to :blush:...mine's best situated behind a camera - that's the only advantage with the dSLR...more room to hide.

5. Don't buy more cameras.

6. Finally, living rural means I don't get to shoot much street. This is odd because it is one of my favourite genres to look at. So I want to take the camera to work more often and use a decent break during the day to hit the town on a regular basis. Problem here is lunch is a good time for people but an awful time for light.

7. Well this is the final one. Don't buy more cameras....I really do need to repeat it. I'm thinking if I make it a mantra then it might just stick!


I want to start a photo project, but I do not know any details yet. But since I want to start it in spring, I still have time to decide.

If Olympus follows the roadmap, I will buy their macro lens. A 25mm lens would be fine, too. I want a camera with a viewfinder, thus I would buy a new Pen, if Olympus introduced a model with an integrated EVF.


Im thinking of doing a project 52 over on another forum. I feel it will help by having the decision on what to shoot taken away from me..
My partner has inspired me this xmas with a lovely surprise, she printed onto canvas one of my Battersea photo's and despite initial reservations, Im very chuffed to 'see myself in print' so to speak. Will post a photo later.
This has inspired me to try and go out and shoot some more photo's and see what I can come up with..
I also need to sort through my collection, get rid of 99% of it and come up with a sensible folder structure for lightroom..
Buy a camera bag so I can consider taking out my K20D
Learn to master manual lenses on a DSLR
get to grips with photoshop - I have never used it, so that could be fun..

Thats it for now..


I think I need to stop buying lenses just because they're pretty.
Continue my PAD blog at "the other place" in the hope of making it to 365 days
Get my existing body of snaps organised (including binning all the garbage that I've convinced myself to keep in case I can post-process it into a usable image), then pile it all onto Flickr.
And try and be a better photographer without getting all po-faced about it

Happy New Year


betwixt and between
pdh, I want you to know that I had to look up "po-faced".;)
: having an assumed solemn, serious, or earnest expression or manner : piously or hypocritically solemn.
For the record, I don't think you've ever come across as po-faced, ever! Love that term!

I would like to become a better photographer, too. That is my main goal. I do, however, have to stick to my guns about putting something together in print. I want to have something tangible to leave behind, not that I'm planning on any "trips" or anything. Just been realizing more how ephemeral our lives are...and want our daughter to have something that isn't dependent upon digital media to have. But I digress.

My other really important goal is to get together with some of the people I've met through both Serious Compacts and Mu43 AKA "across the hall" and share a cup of coffee, talk and take some pictures. Ray's thread really got to me.:grouphug:


betwixt and between
We are now a few months into 2011. How is everyone doing? My own "big" accomplishment is that I have finally had some prints made and as I posted here I'm really very pleased with the results. These were test prints, though I obviously didn't choose pictures I didn't like. Now I need to think more carefully and organize things more within Lightroom - as in using Collections. I still have a long way to go but at least I've seen the reality of some photographs in print and that, for me, is a good thing. Thank you Don for encouraging me to get it together - finally.