Photographs and the songs you think of to go with them.

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Narcotic Liquido by Guadalupe Cruz, on Flickr

Nikon D3
28.0 mm
6400 iso
Location :Barcelona Parallel


I used this PC bizarre lens for street art at night in one dangerous zone of Barcelona Parallel, sometimes the best graffiti it's in this kind of areas, enjoy it is pure urban bizarre deep art about drugs and death, scary YES :LOL:

D3 at night at ISO 6400, awesome, this old lens works excellent in the D3.

Note : Night photo only using streetlight, I used PC lens to change the perspective and create this artistic effect.

Nikon PC-NIKKOR 28mm f/3.5

Liquido - Narcotic (Official Video)

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View attachment 429890Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by Guadalupe Cruz, on Flickr

Nikon D3S
28.0 mm
200 iso

Nikon PC-NIKKOR 28mm f/3.5

Location :Barcelona

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-The Beatles

The second day that this album was released, the local radio station had a contest to give one away- the person that could name the most people on the cover would win. He won it, the fairly rare Mono version which was mixed differently from the others. "A Day in the Life" - one of the greatest songs of all time, in the 1970s, a local radio station took a vote. I guessed the winner on day 1.
This one is about a song, but also a way of life here, albeit a passing one, and one that was very much part of my life especially in earlier bush walking pursuits before open fires were banned
Billy Tea at Middlesex.jpeg
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For those unaccustomed to Aussie tradition, we have an old one that dates backs yonks (eons)

Billy Tea. A metal pot with a lid and a wire handle, strung over a fire, filled with water and when it's boiled throw in enough tea to your taste and take off the fire.
But there's more to 'Billy Tea' than just a drink.
There's the smell that lingers. The 'essence of billy'. Tarry, eucalypt aroma glued to a fire blackened billy.
It’s an aroma that nothing matches. To me it’s a clean beautiful aroma intertwined with pleasant memories.
My daughter still remarks on that when I talked to her about 'bushwalking with children'.

Poems and ballads go before us, none more classic than

I've humped my bluey in all the states
With my old black billy the best of mates;
For years I've camped and toiled and tramped
Over roads that are rough and hilly;
with my highly sensible indispensable,
Old Black Billy

My old black billy, my old black billy;
whether the wind is warm or chilly,
I al-ways find when shadows fall,
My old black bill-y's the best mate of all!

I've carried my swag on the parched Paroo,
Where water is scarce and the houses few:
On many a track on the great outback,
Where the heat would drive you silly;
I've carried my sensible, indispensable,
Old Black billy.

When my tramping days are o'er.
And I drop my swag at the Golden Door,
Saint Peter will stare when he sees me there,
Then he'll say, "Poor wandering Willie,
Come in with your sensible, indispensable,
Old Black Billy."
Words: Edward Harrington.

When out working in the bush I often take the billy and have a cuppa.

At Middlesex, Tasmania, lunch break
Radioactity by Guadalupe Cruz, on Flickr

Nikon D3
180.0 mm
400 iso

kraftwerk - Radioactivity (Original Version)

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (French Tv 1978)

Location : Barcelona Seaport

Nikon 180mm f/2.8 AF-D ED

Background : Nobody knows what storage those silos warehouse. Seems like a nuclear power plant :LOL: